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It turns out essential oils may be the answer to most skin dilemmas. Used to combat everything from body aches to blemish-prone skin, essential oils have been a foundation in the ancient science of Ayurveda, a system of natural medicine originating in India more than 5,000 years ago. For generations, Shrankhla Holecek’s family business has applied Ayurveda, procuring the nest essentials oils for luxury brands. After moving to Los Angeles from India for her MBA, Holecek became frustrated with the misappropriations of the Indian rituals and Ayurvedic practices and decided to counter with a line of products with integrity. Modern organic oils for face, wellness and hair, UMA OILS are made from organic ingredients grown at Holecek’s family estate in Central India and harvested and distilled by their team.

On average, the plants take 18 months to mature, and the extraction process takes three months once harvested. Following the Ayurveda philosophies, the company adheres to strict sustainability practices through their farming and distillation processes and provides free health and child care, ongoing education and retirement benefits to their employees. M&V spoke to Holecek about the medicinal and beauty perks of oils.

Essential oils are natural oils that retain the characteristic fragrance and properties of the plants. “Natural oils contain powerful organic compounds that are commonplace in traditional medicine. One example is eugenol, a compound that clove oil is very rich in, which forms the very backbone of the pain management medications commonly used in dentistry.”

Most anti-aging creams contain waxes, water and synthetic fragrances with some oil, and over time wax clogs the pores, water evaporates upon contact and synthetic fragrances cause allergies. “Natural face oils are an excellent way to deliver all the benefits of essential oils, antioxidants and vitamins into the skin. Because [essential] oils have a high concentration of oxygen and are of a lipophilic, or fat-loving nature, they quickly pass through the skin’s lipid barrier more ef- fectively. is rush of active compounds immediately delivers a healthy glow through increased blood flow and oxygenation.”

Those with oily skin are ideal recipients for essential oils. “Th e right oils can help balance your skin type. Many acne treatment products focus on stripping. In reality our skin loves oils, as they respond to its natural composition. Recent research found that a lack of lipids in the epidermis impairs the water barrier function, resulting in bumps and rough skin texture. Essential oils such as juniper berry, tea tree and clove can help regulate your skin’s pH balance, heal existing damage and stimu- late cell renewal.” 

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