Wings with a Mission

Colette Miller wing murals

Collen-27The Global Angel Wings Project, the angel wing murals painted on walls in majority cities, have gained somewhat of a cult following, particularly in Los Angeles, “the city of angels,” where the artist is based. Colette Miller created these paintings after a spiritual awakening and wanted to portray humans as “the angels of this earth.” If you want more of Miller and her decadent wings, then head to Mission Inn Hotel & Spa located outside of LA. Earlier in July the hotel announced that Miller is its next artist to participate in the Artist in Residence Program. Miller’s iconic wings will be on display in the Mission Inn’s art gallery through September 21. This project was created to highlight local artists from Southern California and also bring attention to the hotel’s already extensive art gallery. The Mission Inn is working with the Riverside Art Museum, nonprofit arts institution to spread their message of peace and the love of art.

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