A Must-See Collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago


Riot Grrrls, presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago from Dec. 17 through June 4, celebrates bold and daring paintings by contemporary female artists. The show gets its name from the feminist hardcore punk movement that began in the 1990s and features pieces by eight artists who exemplify mastery, innovation and brashness in abstract painting. The works are curated from MCA’s own collection—an achievement made possible through the museum’s conscious effort to collect such pieces to counteract pervasive sexism in the art world. The show includes pioneering American painter Mary Heilmann; leaders like Charline von Heyl, Judy Ledgerwood and Joyce Pensato; and newer artists such as Molly Zuckerman-Hartung and Amy Feldman. While the style and subject matter of the pieces vary, the common thread lies in the message that emerges from the collective: It is possible to challenge gender bias in the art world to create an equitable market.

Main image credit Peter McCullough

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