The Simply Raw Kitchen, A Delicious Roadmap to Healthful Eating

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Author Natasha Kyssa (right) with mother Ilse and son Mischa

Many of us here at MV enjoy “eating raw” and believe in the great health benefits that such a diet imparts.  We also agree that if only we had more time we would certainly opt for creating meals like this in our own kitchens rather than spending a small fortune at our local purveyors of raw cuisine.  That’s why we were so excited when we received a copy of Natasha Kyssa’s The Simply Raw Kitchen.  It is chock full of great information and recipes that are highly accessible with simple ingredient lists and dishes that can be prepared with ease.

Chef, restaurateur and health pioneer Kyssa understands how to make a raw diet a realistic option for individuals and families.  Her recipes take you from morning to night and are tasty and satisfying.  She even offers some cooked options for individuals who can’t tolerate an all-raw diet.

For those who think this kind of diet is cost-prohibitive, Kyssa turns that argument on its head.  She explains, “The main point to consider when evaluating the cost of dietary choices is return on investment.  Many of the low-cost packaged “foods” in tins, boxes, cans and bags are so devoid of nutrients that they provide zero nutritional value, and have a negative

health impact.  Fresh whole plant foods provide a high return on investment from both a nutritional and preventative care perspective.  A healthier body will result in a diminished need to rely on expensive medical care.”

Try these scrumptious recipes from Simply Raw Kitchen. Your body AND your taste buds will thank you!

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