The Free-Spirited Dinner
You Wish You’d Attended


This world is brought to you by Jennifer Harrison, an interior designer by trade with a proficiency in the art of flea market scavenging. We know what you are thinking! Who know flea market scavenging could look so good. Harrison, who lives in Cleveland, teamed up with fellow resident and chef Kelli Hanley Potts to throw this eclectic, modern boho scene. For more inspirational pictures from Harrison’s dinner, click here.


Inside Jennifer Harrison’s home. Harrison is an interior designer by trade with a proficiency in the art of flea market scavenging based in Cleveland. Follow her on Instagram@fleamarketfab (Photography by Anisa Rrapaj)


A self-described happy design hoarder, Harrison hired her husband to build 10-foot-long tables from leftover redwood. (Photography by Anisa Rrapaj)


Harrison covered the ground with an abundance of textiles and cushions to make for comfortable ground seating, and loose wildflowers and clippings from Harrison’s garden were divvied up on the tables. (Photography by Anisa Rrapaj)


The serene atmosphere is intensified with candles tied to bamboo garden stakes and hung from macramé plant hangers. (Photography by Anisa Rrapaj)


String lights running from the house to the trees create an intimate evening twinkle. (Photography by Anisa Rrapaj)


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